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Monday, November 1, 2010

More Oregon!

Cupcake Jones

I'm an Amercan

We crashed a block party in some town south of Portland. I mean, how could we resist? Games, face paintings, and really cheap food!

Knights get em too


Matt Damon

Found this little teasure in Aubreys shop....couldn't resisnt trying it on.

The sea she be bountiful


Baiting a hook

Jer was feelin' a little sea sick.

Went out fishing on Aubrey's boat.

Sweet Creek waterfall

I lost my sunglasses in this little pool at sweet creek

Went to Grandpa's highschool in Mapleton, OR.

My usual Injury

Tearin' it up son

We found a ramp

It's hard to make out, but this is where Jer flipped his 4-wheeler and was thrown like 7 feet. The larger imprint in the sand was the 4-wheeler and the smaller imprint to the left top area of the shot is where Jer's body landed.

Rented 4-wheelers for an hour and rocked the sand dunes son. elk

Aubrey's precious produce

Like a proud father

Showin' Abby some love



Aubrey's cat

Pitcher Plant. Carnivorous plants.

These plants had little mustaches....

Heceta Head. The most photographed lighthouse in the world...

A bro guy

A show off that doesn't look so cool now.

The sand dunes in Florence, OR.

Abbey lookin' good

The sunset from Aubrey's back porch in Florence, OR.

Hobie. Now that's a nice shirt

Multnomah Falls

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